Saturday, December 1, 2007

Tips on how to Best Use this Blog: FreeinDC!


Please take advantage of the search feature at the top left to best use this blog. There are categories in front of almost every post which you can use to search:

UPCOMING are special events that are coming up
ONGOING are mostly monthly or weekly events that recur
PAST is posted in front of an event after it has occurred

If you want to search for ONGOING events that recur on a certain DAY of the week, it is best to type in both words, ongoing and Mon, or whatever day of the week that you want to look at. This is the easiest way to see everything that may be happening.

Occasionally you will see a post with OF NOTE in front of it:
Of Note events are posted here but may cost more than ten dollars, and there is usually an explanation included to explain why it is on the blog.

When you see a REMINDER: It is an event that has already been posted earlier on but is being reposted to remind you about it and you can always refer to the original post as well using a key word from the event. Some reminders are also about links that are useful references.

The other thing you can do is just search by the type of event it is, such as: EXHIBIT, TALK, ART, POETRY, OPEN MIC, CONCERT, etc... words that are often used in the title of the post.

You can also search by DATE or DAY of the week using the date, such as 28, or day, such as MON or TUES (I usually abbreviate the days like that to save space).

Sometimes there will simply be the word NEW as in new gallery, new art show, etc... so that is also a good word to search. You can be creative and search any word you like of course!

The EASIEST way to see the blog is also to simply SCROLL through the blog itself. There are 15 posts per page, or to use the index on the RIGHT SIDE of the screen. This is often the easiest way to see the posts but it can be rather crowded at times.


You can email Specific EVENT DETAILS by clicking the ENVELOPE ICON below that post! It will send the title of the post along with a direct link to that post. Please take advantage of this feature to pass info along!

All ONGOING and UPCOMING posts from the previous month are copied into new posts for the new month so that you don't have to click on the previous months for any upcoming or ongoing info.

You can use the COMMENT box to contact me directly or to share info with others. I moderate it before I decide whether to post it so you can also use that as a way to contact me with questions or feedback, or as a way to let me know about events. I can't promise that I'll post it, but I will certainly do so if I feel that it fits the theme of this blog.

You can also use the comment box as a way CONTACT US and give us your feedback on the blog as well! You can comment about a specific post if you have info or an experience to share . Please note if you want it to be posted on the blog or if it just for me to read. If you prefer, you can send an email to myself or Michele at, though I don't check that as often as the blog itself.

Hope you are enjoying FREEinDC! We're pretty new on the scene so please spread the word to your friends, especially those who are artists, students and thinkers or without full time jobs, anyone new to town or tourists visiting the area.

Thanks for checking out our blog!

Amy and Michele

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  1. Hey Amy - It's Amy! Thanks for advertising my concert on your great site. This is a wonderful site for everyone to have. I have bookmarked it for myself over here! Hope you enjoyed the concert and that we might see each other again soon...