Saturday, December 1, 2007

ONGOING: Where to Wi-Fi? Looking for your input!

Where do you go for your free wireless? I'm looking for your input on this one!

Please use the COMMENT feature to send me info so I can add it to the list. I am looking to compile a good list of coffee shops, bars, and other spots where you can get online for Free. Please send info about the spot as well as a link if possible. So far, I've got Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, U St and Chinatown pretty much covered but please let me know if I've left anything out. Thanks!

I'll post complete details, but the list so far will include:

Columbia Heights: Mayorga Coffee, Sticky Fingers Bakery and Columbia Heights Coffee, Wonderland Ballroom

U St: Busboys and Poets, Mocha Hut and 14U I believe also, not sure about Love Cafe

Adams Morgan: Tryst, Crumbs and Coffee, Potter's House and Chief Ike's

Chinatown: MLK Library and the new public space at the National American Art Museum

Eastern Market: Murky

Arlington, VA: Murky in Clarendon

Silver Spring, MD: Mayorga on Georgia Ave


Note: All of these locations are metro accessible, just a few blocks from metro, except for Tryst in Adams Morgan and Mayorga in Silver Spring, which are best reached or a ten -fifteen minute walk from nearest metro

UPDATE: DEC 14th: I just came across these two links on wireless spots in DC so you can check them out as well for a more comprehensive list! Please feel free to send comments about the spots I did not list above if you have been there, it'd be helpful to get a sense of what kind of place it is, whether they serve food, what kind of environment it is, etc... Thanks!

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  1. Mayorga in Silver Spring, Murky Coffee in Arlington.