Wednesday, March 18, 2009

PAST: Franklin Covey Planning Systems Giveaway this SAT, March 21st for those who are unemployed!

This info was just sent my way and I am excited to hear about this promo that Franklin Covey is offering this Saturday. I really like the Franklin Covey planning system and I actually use it myself so for those of you without work (which I was for much of last year) I encourage you to take advantage of this offer! If you have a job but know someone who doesn't, let them know. It really helps prioritize with the A,B,C 1,2,3... thing, and is very easy to use. Details are below:

This Saturday, March 21st, Franklin Covey stores are giving away free Franklin Covey planning systems to anyone who recently lost their jobs. They are invited to visit any Franklin Covey Store, provide some verifying information, and pick out their free planning system. There will also be Productivity Consultants on hand to help learn the planning system and offer any advice. The hope is to help people get organized for a job search. Having one place to track all information, contacts, appointments, job leads, and interview notes can make a job search less stressful.

Locally I know there is a store at Tyson's Corner Mall, which you can take a bus to I believe from West Falls Church Metro. Unfortunately, there aren't any locations in DC anymore. Please visit their website or Franklin Covey's main site for more information about their products. If you have questions about what counts as verifying information that you are unemployed, please call the Tyson's store at 703-442-7878.

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  1. If you would like to implement some of Stephen Covey's best ideas, you can use this web aplication:

    You can use it to manage and prioritize your Goals (in each of your life's categories), projects and tasks, in an intuitive interface. It has a Checklists section, for the repetitive activities you have to do, important but not urgent (Quadrant II, for example your routines/habits). Also, it features a Schedules section and a Calendar, for scheduling you time, activities and for the weekly review.

    Some features from GTD are also present, like Contexts and Next Actions.

    And it's available on the mobile phone too, so you can access it wherever you are.