Wednesday, October 21, 2009

OF NOTE: Circulator bus route has added a new stop in Adams Morgan on Columbia Rd

I was excited to learn from my recent trip on the Circulator bus (the red one that costs just $1.00) that a new stop has in fact been officially added to the route. This stop is on Columbia Rd just past the Safeway at Ontario Rd, where the 42 stops. They haven't added a circulator sign yet. On the other side of the street, it stops just past Chief Ike's at the corner before the Safeway.

The Circulator route I am referring to is the one that goes from Woodley Park Metro - McPherson Square Metro, also stopping at 16th St, Columbia Heights Metro, U St, P St and K St (it travels over Columbia and across and then down 14th St and loops back around. Note Columbia Rd or Irving St depending on which way it is going as both are one way streets). More about the Circulator routes here.


  1. I wish they'd add one stop on 14th between Columbia Road and U Street - that is a very long stretch of road...

  2. The Circulator is actually an express bus and so it stops only at major intersections (Metro Stations, K St, RI Ave/P St, U St, 16th St, etc... places where you can transfer to another bus line mostly). Though that is a long stretch of road, and all uphill from U St, there isn't really any major road or business there. I'd suggest you hop off and transfer (which is free for three hours with a SmarTrip card) to the 52 or 54 local metro bus from either U St or Irving St to save you the walk, especially in bad weather or if you are carrying stuff, that line runs pretty often.