Thursday, October 22, 2009

OF NOTE: Please Vote for Bread for the City's "Glean for the City" Program! Contest ends Oct 31st

Please take a minute to vote for DC’s own Bread for the City! My friend Vince is part of this new program and they are close to winning this Tom’s of Maine contest, which ends on October 31st. The “Glean for the City” program, which collects crops from regional farms to give to the poor, was nominated for this nationwide contest for a $20,000 grant.

Please Vote Here!

Be sure to scroll down through the page to look for the following listing on the page (the list order changes every time you log on, I suggest looking for Washington, DC). You can also try find the listing to vote by hitting Ctrl-F and then typing 'bread' to search for their entry (this didn't seem to work from my computer it may for yours).

You can read more on the Bread for the City website here or on their Beyond Bread Blog!

"Glean for the City" coordinates trips to local area farms and use volunteers to collect left over produce. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact my friend Vince or his colleague Jeff at Bread for the City. They are always looking for volunteers. The free and fresh food is brought back to the pantry where it can replace the unhealthy canned options for the people that they serve. This year they have already have collected close to 35,000 lbs of produce that otherwise would have gone to waste. Please support them with your vote! You can also read more about the program and watch a video if you want on their website here!

Free fresh produce: gleaning for DC's poor
Bread for the City
Washington, DC

The Idea
Organize weekly trips that send volunteers into the fields of regional farms, where they'll collect literally tons of fresh produce (cherries, corn, apples, etc) that would otherwise go to waste. A couple hours of labor from a couple dozen volunteers can yield free produce that will feed a couple thousand families for a week.

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  1. Thanks for spreading the word!

    btw, you can make it even faster to vote by hitting Ctrl-F and then typing 'bread' to search for our entry.

    Let's win this.