Saturday, March 13, 2010

PAST: Free Happenings at G40, thru SUN, March 21st

G40: The Summit
5 Floors
500+ Artists
75,000 sqft
Curated Visual and Performance Art

This weeks events at the G40 - March 18th - 21st

Free! More info here.

Thursday March 18th

ImageALBUS CAVUS Art Workshop
DC Creates Public Art – Rachel Dickerson / DCCAH (donations appreciated)
Event Hours: 6-8pm

ImageDIY Night! and Yelp Happy Hour
Event Hours: 7-10pm

Come out and get your creativity cranking! We will have tons of paint and great things for you to customize live from Skully Booms to Tyo Trucks! Meet Yelpers and listen to great music by 16Large.

ImageCustomize Vinyls by SkullyBoom

The primary objective of SkullyBoom is to make transporting music easier and more enjoyable. Our technology revives the boombox by taking proven technologies and repackaging them to accommodate the mobile lifestyle.

ImageCustomize trucks by TyoTOys

TyoToys: Limited editions from the cut. TyoToys breaks the collectible toy mold by offering scale replicas from graffiti's living legends.

ImageOne Love Entertainment Presents:
Dj Set by 16 Large
Event hours: 7-10 p.m.

Utilizing thick beats and heavy synth lines, this DC area based duo bring a unique noise to dance floors and earbuds alike. There may be a bit of a retro feel to their music, but have a modern sound.

Friday March 19th

ALBUS CAVUS Art Workshop
Silkscreening – Rat and Cesar Maxit (all ages, Suggested Donation $30, work clothes)
Event Hours: 6-8pm

ImageMusical Performance by Curtain Call

Curtain Call takes inspiration from all sorts of artists including the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Kooks, the Arctic Monkeys, OAR, Muse, John Mayer and the Disco Biscuits.

ImageMusical Performance by Man & Dog

Man&Dog play folk music and call Baltimore home. They create vocal harmonies that swing in and out of melodic guitar parts and have a bass line to hold it together with the occasional drum kit and harmonica making their way into the catchy indie-folk portrait being painted. It will leave you whistling and humming all day long.

ImageMusical Performance by Power Pirate

Power Pirate is a three-piece electronic rock band from DC formed in the fall of 2007 by Emily Pakulski on guitar & vocals, Michael Garate on keyboards, and Annika Monari on drums. Inspired by bands such as Muse, Infected Mushroom, and Daft Punk, this trio fuses 80s-styled techno synths with hard-rock drum beats and guitar riffs to create a sound unique to Power Pirate.

ImageMusical Performance by Ivy Rose

Formed in July 2009, Ivy Rose is an all girl band with a sweet rock sound that sometimes takes a darker edge. Influences include The Cranberries, Meg & Dia, and Vedera as well as Muse, The Cure, and Hotspur.

Saturday March 20th

ImageALBUS CAVUS Art Workshop
Small Wall Big Imagination – DECOY (all ages, Suggested Donation $30, work clothes)

Magic Class – David London (all ages, Suggested Donation $30)

ImageMini Jewelry Trunk Show
Free to attend.

It’s almost Spring, and bright, vivacious colors are popping up all over the fashion scene! Add some spice to your ensembles with unique, hand made jewelry designs by local designers: Mary Cox, Nadine Naskoviak of simple Girl Designs, Vennessa Ortiz of VeeDah and Beth Pacentrilli of AspenSnows designs. From elegant and vintage chic to chunky statements, you’ll find necklaces, bracelets and earrings created with vintage beads, semi-precious stones, fabrics, metals and even magnets!

PLUS, rockn’ entertainment by:
Substructure | Robot Rok |
Washington, DC | Earth | Universe | and Beyond

ImageMagic Show by David London

David London is a magician, and believes everyone else is as well. Trained in sleight of hand and stage magic, David's approach to magic also includes film making, puppetry, storytelling, experimental performance, and anything else necessary to create a magical experience. He is the creator of four original theatrical productions, the author of seven manuscripts on magic and illusion, and the editor of Beyond The Smoke and Mirrors. He also likes to glue stuff together, play with tape, and runs a Circus.

ImageOne Love Entertainment & Fort Knox Recordings present:

Ranging in sound from deep funky house, hot latin beats, to dub, reggae, and hip hop.

Sunday March 21th

Exhibition Hours Noon-6p

Exhibition Hours:
Open Hours: Wednesdays & Thursdays: 5 – 10pm,
Fridays: 5pm – Midnight
Saturdays: 12pm – Midnight
Sundays: 12pm – 6pm
Mondays & Tuesdays: Closed

Event Location:
223 23rd St. Arlington, VA 22202

Metro: Crystal City

Driving, go to:

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