Tuesday, October 7, 2014

PAST: COMEDY: The Ol' Switcharoo! #3 Comedy Show on U St WED. Oct 7 at 8:00pm, 7:30pm doors, Free

The Ol' Switcharoo! #3 Comedy Show on U St
Wednesday, October 7
8:00pm show, 7:30pm doors
Free, 18+

Welcome to the Ol’ Switcheraoo! Watch six of DC’s best comedians do their own sets, and then tell the jokes of a well-known, famous comedian in their own style. Plus, the famous comedians were assigned without any of the local's input. It’s like watching a band play covers, except a lot better. Come get weird at this fun, experimental comedy show. This month stars:
-Ross Benoit as himself/ Dennis Miller
-Jheisson Nunez as himself/ Sam Kinison
-Cliff Gallagher as himself/ Moms Mabley
-Shelley Kim as herself/ Amy Schumer
-David Tveite as himself/ Mitch Hedberg

The Handsome Cock
1334 U St NW
Metro: U St or take the Circulator bus or any bus to 14 & U

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