Monday, April 16, 2012

DONATION DRIVE: If you Love Free in DC Please Show your Love! Donate/Pay-What-You-Can of course

The "Show your Love!" Campaign is on!

If you benefit from this site and want to help keep it up and running please show your appreciation with a donation!

Click the button below to donate via PayPal

Think for a minute about how many events have you found out about and attended because of this site? Hopefully more than a few! No donation is too small so please give what you can. If everyone who read this site donated even just $5 it would really help a lot.

I started Free in DC because it was the site that I wish existed and I needed a way to keep track of all of the fabulous, free and low-cost things to do every single day of the year, and to share that knowledge and appreciation with others. This site is offered free of charge to readers and to those who request that their events be posted - for now at least - and though I do have some sponsors, the site is truly offered for the love of it as a public service. It would be great if those who benefit from this site contribute back to it to help keep it going! 

Please donate whatever amount you feel called to so that I can continue investing time and energy into this site, facebook and twitter. Feel free to also post appreciations on Free in DC's facebook page or @FreeinDCBlog on twitter!

We are so fortunate to have access to such amazing art and culture here in DC and there is not a day that goes by that I take that for granted. I truly do love this city - and all of the amazing affordable and free things there are to do here! 

If you share my love, please show your love today with a donation! 

Note:  If you don't have a PayPal account you can still donate - two options below!  

You can send money as a personal gift donation to freeindcblog at
1) Click the Tab that says "Send Money" and select "Personal"
2) Select the option that says "Gift" which prevents paypal from taking a fee

Another way to donate without a PayPal account, listed below:
1) Click on the PayPal “Donate” button or link.
2) Look on the left side of the donation page.
3) Click on the “Continue” link under the phrase “Don’t have a PayPal Account?”
4) Enter the amount you wish to donate into the box on the top of the screen.
5) Fill out the form with country, name, credit card info (not all info needed).
6) Click “Review Donation and Continue” at the bottom of the page to complete!

With Thanks and Appreciation! 
Amy Melrose, Founder of Free in DC


  1. This site is a good idea. I'm linking my blog to it because I wish Boston had something like it.

  2. Keep up the great work, Amy! I just sent in my $5. :D

    I think I actually spotted you in the wild once, a couple years ago at the first Digital Capital Week. So glad your project is thriving!