Sunday, July 1, 2012

PAST: Planning to Get Around DC by Metro or Bus on Inauguration Day? MON, Jan 21st Read this post! **Note that Archives, Smithsonian and Mt Vernon Sq Metro Stations will be Closed all day***

UPDATE: 5:00pm Monday, January 21st. The 12th and Independence exit at the Smithsonian Metro is open, for boarding/entry only. No exit. Mall side still closed.

The Closest stations that will be open that will get you to The National Mall and the Inauguration - see metro rail map - will be L'Enfant Plaza (yellow, green, orange and blue), Federal Center SW (orange and blue), Judiciary Sq (red). Usually the area close to the Capitol is reserved for ticket holders and blocked off to the general public so getting off at Union Station or Capitol South, which would normally be a good way to get to the Capitol, are not recommended. 

Please see metro's special info page and watch this video below, especially if you are visiting DC!  On Inauguration Day: Metrorail will open at 4:00am and close at 2:00am with rush hour  service and rush hour fares will apply from 4:00am - 9:00pm so be prepared to pay peak fare. If you're planning to park at the metro, normal weekday parking rates will apply at Metrorail parking facilities. Parking fees will be charged as you exit the garage and may be paid by SmarTrip® or credit card. Metrobus will operate weekday rush hour service in the morning, followed by an early rush hour in the afternoon. Many routes will operate on detours due to Inaugural events and you may not be able to get as close by bus as you think.

Note also: Pennsylvania Avenue will be closed between the Capitol and White House for the Inaugural parade. You will not be able to cross Pennsylvania Avenue, even on foot. View walking map of Downtown DC on Inauguration Day. Many Metrobus routes will operate on detours or will operate in segments due to road closures near the National Mall.

If you have access to a bike, that might honestly be the best way to get around today. Note that you won't be able to take your bike on metro until after 9:00pm due to all day rush hour being in effect, you can still pop your bike on the front of any bus all day long. 

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