Thursday, June 28, 2012

PAST: ART: Qrissy's Surrealistic Paintings "Paradigm: An Evolution Imagined" will be on view at The Dunes in Columbia Heights FRI, June 7th - FRI, June 28th + Artist Talk on June 17th, Free

The Dunes Presents - Qrissy's PARADIGM
Friday, June 7th - Sunday, June 30th
Gallery hours: open during other events, mostly in the evenings

From the invite: "PARADIGM: An Evolution Imagined" was born from a loose, gestural session of sketching and then analyzed and honed through a series of tighter and tighter drawings until the narrative revealed itself. The resulting collection of paintings represents the artist’s personal theories related to the future of our world (as it might evolve beyond humanity) and the metamorphoses of life and design as the universe matures. 

About the artist: Contemplation of life-cycles, mortality and the evolution of humanity was a mighty looming force in Krissy Downing’s early life as a shy, sickly kid in Seattle. Confined to a hospital bed or a living-room couch for several years as a teen, she honed an intense desire to explore and master a number of crafts; most notably musical composition and drawing. As a self-taught practicioner, Krissy became very comfortable with a heavily improvisational approach to music and art and now practices both with great confidence in an aesthetically captivating stream-of-consciousness style.

The Dunes
1402 Meridian Place NW
Metro: Columbia Heights, walk north on 14th on the same side of the street as Target, pass Park Rd and keep walking about two more blocks. The Dunes entrance is around the corner on Meridian Pl, upstairs, above The Getaway.

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