Saturday, December 21, 2013

PAST: SOLSTICE CELEBRATION: Winter Solstice & New Moon Festival - by Kamavaha A three-fold celebration of conscious connecting at the Dance Loft, a new space on 14th St on SUN, Dec 21 from 1:00pm - 11:00pm All ages, by donation

at the Dance Loft, a new space on 14th St
Sunday, December 21
1:00pm - 11:00pm
All ages, by donation, $33 - $11suggested, however the organizer messaged me saying that all are welcome as he is passionate about a value economy so you can select the gift option online to pay what you can, $10 or less, or you can make a donation at the door

~ Itinerary ~

Spirit - clearing
1:00 Warm welcome with warm drinks
bring a cup!
1:30 An Alchemical Sun & Moon Sequence - Yoga with Katie Scott
bring a yoga mat!
2:15 Sacred Serpent Fire - Kundalini and Tantra meditation with K Hoang
bring a small tea candle!
3:00 Sound sessions
bring singing bowls, drums, other instruments!
3:45 Interlude

Mind - transforming
4:00 Intention sharing circle
4:30 The Seed Process, holistic actualization playshop with K Hoang
bring paper and writing utensils!
5:15 Introduction to Kamavaha, consciously connecting playshop
6:00 Authentic relating with Darrell Duane
6:45 Interlude

Body - actualizing
7:00 Feast
bring dishes that represent who you are!
7:30 Open mic and stage
bring your song, your painting, your dance!
8:15 Estatic dance with Betta
9:00 Closing circle
9:20 - 11:00 ~ Estatic dance cont.

*times are approximations - check in with us to see what's happening during the festival at a given moment!

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