Sunday, October 30, 2011

PAST: ART: Gallery Plan b features Paintings by Delna Dastur & Photos by Kermit Berg WED, Oct 19th - SUN, Nov, 20th, Free

Now on view at Gallery Plan b Paintings by Delna Dastur & Photos by Kermit Berg
Wednesday, October 19th - Sunday, November 20th

"Influenced by the brilliance of colors that surrounded her as a child in India, the paintings of Delna Dastur are complex in color and subject matter combined with the intensity of commitment from the artist. Kermit Berg will be presenting his portfolio of images entitled "Tokyo Night Office." These photos (shot before the recent, devastating earthquakes) are multi-layered and show an interesting perspective of what normally might be a non-descript visual."

“Tokyo Night Office” – Kermit Berg and
“Encroachment” – Delna Dastur

1530 14th St, NW - at Q St
Metro: Dupont Circle or U St and walk or take the Circulator bus to RI Ave/ P St from McPherson Sq or down 14th St from U St

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