Sunday, June 3, 2012

PAST: Honoring the Life, Passion and Vision of Martin Luther King, Jr. on the official MLK Day and Inauguration Day MON, Jan 21st

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial is part of National Mall and Memorial Parks. You can also read more about MLK and the Memorial on wikipedia.

The memorial is located at the intersection of Independence Ave and West Basin Drive SW in DC. See map. Parking is extremely limited near the memorial. The nearest metro stop is Smithsonian. This location is tricky to get to honestly, I've visited by bike and recommend biking there if you have a bike. (If there were actual streets that you could cut through, which you can't due to the reflecting pool, the basic coordinates would be close to 19th St NW and C St) If coming from the north you can cut down on 17th St.  If coming from the Smithsonian Metro, it's still close to a mile walk, about 18 minutes. See walking map.

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