Wednesday, August 24, 2011

PAST: ART FAIR: (e)merge is this Weekend! Students, Seniors and Groups of 10 or more can attend for $10 - general admission is $15

(e)merge art fair is this weekend at the Capitol Skyline Hotel
with artists and galleries from DC - and around the world!
Friday, September 23rd - Sunday, September 25th
$10 - $15*

*Though general admission is $15, this event sounds really interesting - highlighting emerging artists - and it looks like there are $10 tickets available for students & seniors and groups of 10 or more. Buy tickets here.



Friday, September 23rd
12:00pm – 7:00pm

PANEL: "Emerging Art / Emerging Practices"
Friday, September 23rd
Room 1

Moderator: Claire Breukel (Contemporary Art Curator, Writer) Panelists: Matthew Higgs (Director/Chief Curator, White Columns), Kristen Hileman (Curator, Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD), JJ McCracken (Artist), and Walter Robinson (Editor, Artnet Magazine)


Wilmer Wilson IV "Bandage/I Voted"
Room 2 - all day

"A durational sculptural performance and photography installation created by Wilmer Wilson IV to examine the implications of everyday objects - band aids and a familiar emblem associated with political elections – I Voted stickers. When not performing, the artist will distribute materials to viewers."

James J. Williams III " Wandering Hearts Are Fond"
Pool Deck, south - 1:00pm

A 20-25 minute continuous multimedia performance that builds on the theme of relationships and power struggles. The elements of this work include video, music, and spoken word.

Melissa Ichiuji "Everything to Lose"
Pool Deck, south 3:30 pm

The artist conceived Everything to Lose as a work of total self-absorption. Through the use of movement, costume and sound, the artist metaphorically discards layers that separate her from others and from the divine universal spirit that comprises everything.

Saturday, September 24th
12:00pm – 7:00pm

PANEL: "Collecting for the Future"
Saturday, September 24th
Room 1

Moderator: Karen Sommer Shalett (editor-in-chief, DC Magazine) Panelists: Ann Garfinkle (Art Attorney, Whiteford, Taylor and Preston LLP), Dorothy Kosinski (Director, The Phillips Collection), Tony Podesta (Collector) & Mera Rubell (Collector)

PERFORMANCE: Bradley Chriss- "Meat Poem: for Georges"
Room 3 - 5:00pm - 7:00pm

In this performance and installation, the artist will host a banquet for Georges Bataille’s ghost and read of selections of Bataille’s writings.

Sunday, September 25th
12:00pm – 5:00pm

PERFORMANCE: Holly Bass - "Moneymaker"
Pool Deck, west - 12:00pm - 5:00pm

This work builds on Bass’s exploration of images of black women in popular media, commercial hip-hop, and financial transactions between the artist and viewer - combining an endurance performance and a conceptual hip-hop art piece (consisting of 'Jukeboxes" made from Sambo-style penny banks and a wearable "bootyball") that generates and harnesses electric power.

10 "I" St, SW (at South Capitol - map)
Metro: Navy Yard, just a few block walk

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