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PAST: ART: Benjamin Abramowitz's "Out of the Vault: Early Prints and Drawings" at the Woman's National Democratic Club in Dupont Circle FRI, Septt 14th - WED, Nov 28th, Free

"The Bride" 1936 Lithograph created 
for the WPA. Copy held in the Metropolitan 
Museum of Art Collection

Benjamin Abramowitz's "Out of the Vault: Early Prints and Drawings"
Friday, September 14th - Wednesday, November 28th
On view Monday - Friday
9:00am - 5:00pm

Benjamin Abramowitz's  (1917-2011) "Out of the Vault: Early Prints and Drawings" is now on view at the Woman's National Democratic Club n Dupont Circle. This is the first show of Abramowitz's work in more than five years, with his last show being in '06 at Hemphill. . This show will be the first time much of his work has been exhibitied in DC, and the first show since his death last year.

Selected by co-curators, Nuzhat Sultan and Susan Abramowitz Rosenbaum, "Out of the Vault" will feature 15 original lithographs and drawings, including three also in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and six never-before-seen intimate portrait paintings from the same period.

About the artist:  Abramowitz worked as a draghtsman on the Works Progress Administration dole before his art took a few modernist turns. A prize-winning artist commissioned at 19 by the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) Federal Art Project in New York City, Abramowitz emerged as a notable artist in Washington, DC during the New Deal and World War II years. This new exhibition of his historic lithographs and drawings shine a light on the lives and faces of people living and working in DC, as well as in New York, during a particular and important moment in Washington history.

Out of the Vault is supported by the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomory County, the Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, the Humanities Council of Washington, DC and Arts for the Aging.

Woman's National Democratic Club
1526 New Hampshire Ave, NW
Metro: Dupont Circle

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