Sunday, September 15, 2013

PAST: THEATER: Forum (Re)Acts: The (Re)Mix on MON, Sept 15th at 8:00pm, Pay-What-You-Can

(Re)Acts: The (Re)Mix
Monday, September 15th
Pay-What-You-Can at the door

(Re)Acts: The (Re)Mix challenges artists to create pieces that react to remixing, remix culture, and artistic genesis. This installment of (Re)Acts sets up the conversations around Season 11's How We Got On and The Shipment. "Where, if anywhere, does your art and culture end, and mine begin?  Can we ever truly start from nothing?" Featuring new work by: Ramtin Arablouie, Sandra Atkinson, From Block 2 Block, Elizabeth Hansen, Jon Jon Johnson, Anu Yadav, and Kit Young

Forum Theatre - Silver Spring
at the Round House Theatre
8641 Colesville Rd - next to the AFI
Metro: Silver Spring

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