Sunday, January 1, 2012

PAST: STPPFest ......

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STPP Festival 2012 from Benjamin Payes on Vimeo.
Sweet Tea/Pumpkin Pie Music Festival (STPPFest)
Over 200 Free Performances! 
Friday, October 5th - Sunday, October 7th

STPPFest. I know there are definitely a good handful of bands this year that you guys are going to dig during this massive music festival. AND, out of the 250+ bands playing...around 200 of them are playing venues that DO NOT HAVE A COVER CHARGE :)
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STPPFEST (DC) is not SXSW but it is DC's biggest music festival; it's ambitious but loose; one man's vision, but supported by 250+ bands and fans from all over; it is raw and unconstrained (using venues/restaurants never really intended for music shows); and with a Carpark & Twin Lakes Records Showcase, performances by Conveyor and Il Abanico, tasty pies by Dangerously Delicious DC, and much, much more! Plus, this years festival is powered by Lagunitas (our official beer sponsor) and Deep Eddy Vodka (our official vodka).

This year's Sweet Tea/Pumpkin Pie Music Festival (STPPFest) is October 5 - 7, 2012, and organizer Dave Mann has been tirelessly piling it all in, like the filling of a pie: bands, sponsors, venues, press, fliers, shirts - and when you are working with 250+ bands, the excitement comes with fears that it might all be a shit show. But it will not fall flat. There will be more than enough diamonds in this impressive rough. Besides, no one else in DC is doing this kind of thing nowadays.
It's on! Please consider this unique event for your coverage. Thanks so much.

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