Wednesday, April 3, 2013

PAST: ART: "Gute Aussichten: New German Photography 2013-2014" at the Goethe-Institut THURS, March 6th - FRI, April 25th, Free

"Gute Aussichten: New German Photography 2013-2014" at the Goethe-Institut

On view Thursday, March 6th - Friday, April 25th

"Nine award winners and a first look at their works: Nothing is what it seems, but it is real. Nothing is what it seems. But still it is just the way it is. This generation of young photographers brings up painful subjects, by making them visible and perceptible. They bring ideas like freedom, dignity and truth back into the picture, forcing us to look at them, to ask questions and to think about these values. And - the way we see it - these ideas are essential for us and for the present age. This year the exhibition features works by Nadja Bournonville, Anna Domnick, Birte Kaufmann, Lioba Keuck, Alwin Lay, Marian Luft, Stephanie Steinkopf, Daniel Stubenvoll, Christina Werner."

812 Seventh Street, NW
Metro: Gallery Pl - Chinatown or take the Circulator bus to 7th & Mass Ave

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