Tuesday, November 9, 2010

PAST: FILM: Screening of Bruce Lee's last film "Enter the Dragon" at the Freer this FRI, Dec 10th at 7:00pm, Free

Screening of Bruce Lee's last film
Friday, December 10th

Read more and view trailer on the Around the Mall post!

Bruce Lee's most popular film also served as his epitaph: he died shortly after filming it. He plays a master Shaolin warrior sent to infiltrate the fortress of a villainous former Shaolin disciple under the guise of participating in a martial arts contest. A big-budget Hollywood production set mostly in Hong Kong, it shows off Lee's astonishing physical abilities and abundant charisma in a succession of dazzling fight scenes. (Dir.: Robert Clouse, United States, 1973, 99 min.) Part of the series Remembering Bruce Lee.

Meyer Auditorium
Metro: Smithsonian

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