Tuesday, January 8, 2013

PAST: BIKE RIDE: DC Bike Party "Rock n' Roll Ride: Bowie vs. Elvis" edition this WED, Jan 8th - meet in Dupont Circle with your bike at 7:00pm, Ride starts around 7:30pm, Free

DC Bike Party - January Ride Rock n' Roll Ride: Bowie vs. Elvis
Wednesday, January 8th
7:00pm - 10:00pm or so
Free, bring your own bike of course

Update from their facebook page on January 8th: We're goin rogue tonight. Because of the cold cold cold cold weather, Sound Bike DC's Danny Lesh will be leading a very short improvised route to Black Whiskey for the Megaphone Barons show! More PARTY than bike tonight, kids. It's just too cold.

From the invite: "This month we're celebrating two rock legends who serendipitously share their birthdays with both each other and DC Bike Party's January ride! David Bowie turns 67 and Elvis would've been turning 79 on January the 8th. So, outfit wise, you've got a choice. First tier clearly is full Elvis wig and flared white pants (NOTE: DCBP recommends going as fat Elvis due to cold) and/or going for what we call "The Full Bowie" by painting a lightning bolt on your forehead ala AladdinSane. Second tier rock n' roll wear-- go for the classic Joan Jett/Joey Ramone-- black leather. The playlist for this ride is going to be key. Only the gnarliest, shreddiest, hound doggiest tunes (or best remixes of them) will be played! Pick a few (just a few, please!) and add them to this month's Spotify collaborative playlist here.  DCBP favorites The Megaphone Barons will be playing at our after party at Black Whiskey on 14th St. NW. Huge thank you to our friends at City Bikes for providing bike parking (wherever we end up)."

Meet at Dupont Circle
Metro: Dupont Circle

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