Sunday, August 26, 2012

PAST: ART: Works by Self-taught Kurdish Artist Lukman Ahmad "Spotlight, Acrylic on Canvas" on view at the Fisher Art Gallery at NoVa Community College in Alexandria, VA from FRI, March 22nd - SUN, April 28th, Free

Exhibition: Lukman Ahmad Spotlight, Acrylic on Canvas
Friday, March 22nd - Sunday, April 28th
Presented by Fisher Art Gallery

Lukman Ahmad: Spotlight Acrylic on Canvas, features works by the self taught Kurdish artist Lukman Ahmad, who you can read more about below.

Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday 
10:00am - 4:00pm during exhibit dates and on weekends during events

More about the artist: (quoted from this article about an earlier exhibit of his on "Lukman Ahmad first came to the United States in 2010 as a refugee. Over the past few years he has coped with adapting to his new life and environment, learning a new language, earning a living and finding his place as an artist. Lukman began his artistic path in 1986 and recently joined Arlington Arts Gallery. His participation at Artomatic 2012 earlier this year was a huge success!"

"Lukman is self-taught, someone who admires nature and its creatures. His work is focused on expressive cultures and its complexities. His body of artwork shows strong sense of Kurdish spirit and identity despite his people are with “no country and “no boarders.” His vivid colors and moving shapes artistically express his profound, personal connection to the Kurdish land and its people, with a history layered with tragedy, perseverance and aspirations. Ahmad’s imagination runs free as his style and paintings emphatically portray a swinging graceful dancer painted in colorful fluid shapes alongside a magical horse against a vast white background of nature. His works picture a proud cultural heritage that provides viewers a deeper understanding of the Kurdish people."

See a slideshow of Ahmad's art from another exhibit that was on view at the Foundry Gallery

Fisher Art Gallery - Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall

at NoVa Community College
3001 North Beauregard St - Alexandria, VA
Metro: See metro trip-planner for best bus access from metro

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