Sunday, August 5, 2012

PAST: KICK-OFF: "Are We Eating Fishy Food?" Fishy Fleet Art Car Cross Country Tour - DC to Washington State - Kick Off + Photo Opp! Learn more about GMO Labeling and Check out the Art Cars this MON, August 5th at 6:30pm by the U.S. Capitol, Free

Monday, August 5th
Learn about the fleet and their cross-country tour!

See the latest write up on the! Transgenic cars playfully combine art and activism "In just a few days, seventeen activists will begin their cross-country journey aptly dubbed the “Are we eating fishy food” tour. The “fishy food” tour includes five transgenic GMO art carts designed to spread information and awareness about the need for labeling food that has been genetically altered."

Read more recent articles on the Raw Story and the Huffington Post and watch the video from Fox 5 news here! Check out the Washington Post article from mid-June "Something fishy in D.C.: Cartop protest art, minus the protest, becomes a spectacle".

The Fishy Fleet is heading off on a Cross Country Tour - from Washington, DC to Washington State! Send them off in style!

Great photo opp for you and your friends with the Fishy Fleet!

Join my friends from the Fishy Food Fleet as they depart from for a cross-country tour to label GMO foods! Did you know that 64 countries around the world require labeling of GMOs, but in the USA and Canada these items are commonly found in the grocery store without a label and without our knowledge.

Are we eating fishy food? Let’s demand some answers. Urge your representatives to #LabelGMO food so people can make informed choices. You can also learn more and like Are We Eating Fishy Food? on facebook. If you know folks in Washington State, they can learn more about Voting Yes on 522 to label GMO food here.

Follow the adventures of all of five the artcars in the @FishyFleet

Related twittter hashtags: #GMO #LABELGMOs #MONSANTO #I522 #LabelWA #FOOD

Near the U.S. Capitol 
Meet at 3rd & Madison Dr, NW (map)
Metro: Federal Center SW or Judiciary Sq

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