Thursday, October 27, 2011

PAST: THEATER: $10 and $15 Tickets available for patrons under 30 at Round House Bethesda for "Pride and Prejudice" WED, Nov 23rd - SAT, Dec 31st

$10 and $15 Tickets available for patrons under 30 
Wednesday, November 23rd - Saturday, December 31st

Copied from the Round House website:

"Only full price tickets are available online unless you have a specific coupon code. For special $10 and $15 tickets for patrons under the age of 30 for Bethesda shows, call 240/644-1100. For discount tickets for patrons 65 and over, please call 240/644-1100." Not sure what discount is offered for 65 and over. 

4545 East-West Highway - Bethesda, MD
Metro: Bethesda, diagonally across the street from the metro escalator exit

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