Thursday, October 27, 2011

PAST: ART: Show featuring Irish Artists "Monster Truck: 1.7 Trillion Euro" in Columbia Heights Nov 3rd - Nov 20th, Free

Artist Talk - featuring Irish Artists
On view November 3rd - November 20th

This show, curated by Peter Prendergast, in conjunction with DC based organization Solas Nua, features works by Irish artists Sheila Rennick, Alan Butler, John Byrne, Francis Wasser and Declan Hurley.
In this exhibition, by the Dublin based arts collective and gallery, monster truck, curator, Peter Prendergast, has brought together a group of visual artists who will engage with the ongoing narrative of "Irish" identity and who will reflect upon ireland in a boom and bust economic state, featuring four separate snapshots of the irish situation in disparate works dating from 2005-2011.

About the show (which is relatively small, I stopped by on opening night - think that the artist talk will be much more engaging since you'll actually get to hear about the art and the inspiration behind it) "1.7 TRILLION EURO - the number is the gross external debt of all resident sectors in Ireland (i.e. general government, the monetary authority, financial and non-financial corporations and households) - is an exhibition casting an eye over Ireland and some of the frustrations with the current social and political environment."

Columbia Heights - Court of 1469
(I like to call this one the "Gallery in the Alley")
1469 Harvard St, NW - enter on 15th St

Note: The entrance to this gallery is located between Columbia Rd and Harvard St on 15th St in an alley. You'll need to walk all the way down to the back, you'll see the gallery on the left.

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