Thursday, October 27, 2011

PAST: ART: "ApocalypTOON 2012" features works by Editorial and Political Cartoonists - On view at the Artisphere for one weekend only! FRI, Jan 27th - SUN, Jan 29th, Free

Work by Kevin Kallaugher (“KAL”) 
Economist's editorial cartoonist since 1978
ApocalypTOON 2012 on view this weekend only
at the Artisphere, in partnership with Art Soiree
features works by Editorial and Political Cartoonists
Friday, January 27th - Sunday, January 29th

Note: The opening event on Thursday has a $25 cover but the exhibition will remain on view, for free, all weekend

"With a touch of art, style and humor, Art Soiree  will unveil what 2012 will bring us! This one of a kind exhibition will feature works of the most renowned editorial and political cartoonists such as: Kal (Economist) Tom Toles (Washington Post) Matt Wuerker (Politico) Jeff Danziger (NYTS/CWS, LA Times, Huff Post etc) Daryl Cagle (MSNBC) Damien Glez (La Monde, Courrier International, La Gazette, etc) Dan Piraro (Bizarro) and More… With simple pen strokes these cartoonist foreshadow the future, poke fun at the past and imply hidden motives in ways that elude written or spoken report. The result of this creative license is a unique perspective on future—entertaining, clever, and insightful."imentary bites, cash bar and more…"

1101 Wilson Blvd - Arlington, VA
Metro:  Rosslyn, exit metro and turn right and walk to the corner, which is Wilson, take a left and walk down about a block or so, it's the building with the white dome at the top on the left side of the street. You can also take the Dupont - Georgetown - Rosslyn Circulator express bus there for just a dollar.

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