Thursday, July 12, 2012

PAST: WORKSHOP: Monthly: BloomBars hosts a series on the Power of Music! "Baby Brains: The Science of Music & The Mind" every 3rd SAT of the month from April - July! The next, and last session will be on SAT, July 20th at 3:00pm, All ages welcome, Free, donations appreciated

Baby Brains: The Science of Music & The Mind a New Monthly Series at BloomBars
every 3rd Saturday of the month April - July 
Free, donations appreciated 

BloomBars has partnered up with one world's leading researchers in the field of neuro-musicology to create a series of workshops to help the layperson understand the power music has on the developing mind.

Save the dates for the next events in this series! 
  3:00pm on the following dates:

Saturday, July, 20th: 
  Part IV: The Healing Power of Music, and the science of music therapy

This new series of public workshops, Baby Brains: The Science of Music, Body and Mind, will be led by renowned neuro-musicologist Jessica Phillips-Silver, Ph.D., whose research includes an article in Science Magazine and has been featured in USA Today, Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Men’s Health, NPR and the Discovery Channel. The series will appeal to the general public, especially parents and grandparents, educators, clinicians in health and rehabilitation, and those interested in policy for arts education.

Baby Brains will explore how music shapes brain development, the effects of music on children’s intelligence, and the healing powers of music throughout the lifespan. Local artists, including vocalist and drummer Dante’ Pope, will infuse the workshops with live music, and soul. This workshop series will bring the science to life with live music and practical exercises - including a demonstration using a Nintendo Wii.

The topic of music and the brain touches the lives of every individual, whether because they use music to tap into their emotions, or wonder what the effects are of music and dance on their child’s developing brain, or because they have a loved one who suffers from an inability to communicate through language because of a stroke or Alzheimer’s disease, but who can still sing songs from their youth. Read more about the inspiration behind this series on the invite. 

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