Friday, February 1, 2013

PAST: ART: Two shows on view at Artisphere in Rosslyn, VA from THURS, Nov 21st - SUN, Feb 2nd, Free

Two shows on view at Artisphere
On view Thursday, November 21st - Sunday, February 2nd

Alicia Eggert: Everything You Are Looking For
in the Terrace Gallery
In this exhibit "Eggert trades in what could be thought of as chronological negative space, the moments surrounding the moments. Utilizing materials from the mechanics of highway signage, the sculptures in this exhibit explore the aesthetics of time and the nature of anticipation through words and messages in motion." Similarly, the found and frozen moments of anticipation in her photographs move us to fill in the rest of the story

in the Bijou Theatre
Motivated by personal experience as a Colombian migrant in Austria and later in the United States, the subject of relocation is intrinsic to the work of artist Lina Vargas, who views the movements of people as historical, global events. In Portable places_ Permanent Spaces, Vargas created an object that transforms from furniture to support human activity into an object that functions as a final resting place for an individual. She addresses portability, transient living and migration using playful and inventive works that call attention to instability and adaptability.

Find more free events and exhibits on view on the "Free in DC" Inside-Out page!

1101 Wilson Blvd - Arlington, VA
Metro: Rosslyn, turn right from the metro exit, left on to Wilson, on the left side of the street

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