Thursday, October 27, 2011

PAST: THEATER: Factory 449 presents final Pay-What-You-Can Performance of "The Ice Child" on FRI, May 18th at 8:00pm, by donation

Pay-What-You-Can Previews of Factory 449's "The Ice Child"
Thursday, May 17th  & Friday, May 18th
8:00pm - 10:00pm
Pay-What-You-Can, by donation, regular tickets are $20
Thursday, May 17th - Sunday, June 3rd 

An urban legend gets a shot of Edgar Allen Poe and a dash of contemporary horror with this world premier of Factory 449's "The Ice Child" by Lisa Hodsoll, Rick Hammerly & Hunter Styles. Directed by Hunter Styles. Cast: Sara Barker, David Landstrom, Karin Rosnizeck & Dexter Hamlett.

"Catherine wakes to find herself imprisoned in a coffin size freezer. To discover how she got there – and whether she can talk her way to freedom – Catherine must quickly decide which of her captors to trust. Outside her makeshift prison, a struggle soon arises over Catherine's treatment that will decide the fate of victims and villains alike. Told through a heart-pounding mash-up of film, live performance and visual art, "The Ice Child" is a ticking time bomb of a show."

Mead Theatre Lab at Flashpoint 
916 G St, NW
Metro: Gallery Pl - Chinatown

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