Sunday, January 1, 2012

PAST: ART: Three Exhibits at Studio Gallery in Dupont Circle during the month of September

Artwork by Trix Kuijper, at Studio Gallery 
Highlighted below are three shows featured at Studio Gallery, located at 2018 R St, NW.

Trix Kuijper’s solo show is an exhibition on mystery and ambiguity. The paintings are swirls of colors, imaginary worlds, and hooded figures. Her work, which has always been surrealist, has transformed into something more medieval. The work goes back to the time before science – when magic and wonder were just as real as gravity and physics are today. Trix Kuijper was born and raised in Amsterdam, but has lived in England and Boston before finally moving to Herndon, VA where she has stayed ever since.

Same Floating World
Andrea Kraus’ multi- dimensional show discusses the quiet movements of koi fish. The koi are recreated and abstracted into paintings, linoleum prints, and collage – giving the work layers not unlike that of the natural layers created by the depth of water. Kraus’ work is a fusion of cultures and art making. Time spent traveling in Japan has given Kraus a Japanese aesthetic, but she retains her own color palette and collaged textures. The work is gently beautiful – much like the koi. Andrea Kraus is a printmaker and painter based in Maryland. She splits her time between her house in Bethesda and her Japanese teahouse (with her very own koi) on the Eastern Shore. Studio Gallery 2108 R St Dupont Circle Fawna Xiao no 3 Edit 8/1/2012 16:20:10

Vessels II: Together and Apart
Shahrzad Heyat Jalinous’ upcoming exhibition takes the still life into the modern setting. Her paintings are a return to inquiry into still life as a reflection of human psychology and interrelationship. Her paintings are lusciously textured with earthen tones and deep colors. The works are color studies and character studies. Shahrzad Jalinous is painter and printmaker living in the metro DC area. She has studied at the Corcoran College of Art and Design and has exhibited work at the Washington Printmakers Gallery, Maryland Federation of the Arts, Spectrum Gallery, and Touchstone Gallery.

Studio Gallery
2108 R St, NW
Metro: Dupont Circle

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