Sunday, January 1, 2012

PAST: ART: "Color Grids" New Paintings by Charlie Dale and "Seen/Unseen" Solo Exhibition by Rosemary Luckett at Touchstone Gallery WED, Sept 5th - SUN, Sept 20th, Free

Painting from "Color Grids" exhibit, by Charlie Dale
Color Grids" New Paintings by Charlie Dale and "Seen/Unseen" Solo Exhibition by Rosemary Luckett at Touchstone Gallery
On view Wednesday, September 5th - Sunday, September 30th

Color Grids: New Paintings by Charlie Dale 
"In his new series of geometric abstract paintings Charlie Dale explores the interplay of color, composition, texture and light in compositions that evoke strong emotion and a sense of time and place. Stripes of color, generally in fields of eight, structure each canvas, establishing imperfect grids that play with light in interesting ways, at times allowing the deeply layered colors to shine freely through to the surface, at other times constraining them."

Seen/Unseen: Solo Exhibition by Rosemary Luckett 
"Luckett's solo exhibition includes monotypes and sculptural works inspired by the terrain she traversed on road trips through several states. Luckett tried to capture the essence of each place using black printing inks on paper or wood fragment sculptures to amplify both the textures and forms found in those landscapes."

Touchstone Gallery
901 New York Ave, NW
Metro: Metro Center, or take the Georgetown-K St-Union Station route Circulator bus there

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