Sunday, January 1, 2012

PAST: WORKSHOP: Free Morning Workshop on "Constructive Listening" at Georgetown University with Ryan McAllister, PhD and Mali Parke, CPC this THURS, Nov 29th from 10:00am - 12:00pm, Free, donations welcome, RSVP Required

Free Morning Workshop on Constructive Listening at Georgetown University with Ryan McAllister, PhD and Mali Parke, CPC
Thursday, November 29th
10:00am - 12:00pm
Free, donations welcome, RSVP Required as space is limited
RSVP to or 202-257-3376

My friend Mali, who is a skilled NVC practitioner, is hosting this free workshop along with Ryan McAllister. To help learning go faster and to create a more engaging workshop, Mali and Ryan are organizing this as an interaction-driven workshop that will use real life events, scenarios, anticipated conversations from the participants who are willing to play out in front of the group. They recommend that you come with a scenario in mind that you'd like to work.

"Communication is a vast part of our lives. Yet, we may experience many communications, from conversations to emails, as unsatisfying, disconnecting, or the starting place for conflict. We will explore this listening aspect of collaborative communication in a facilitated, interactive format, using real-life situations and events that you can bring."

This experiential workshop aims to support you in:
- increasing your ability to listen clearly and openly
- discerning what is the underlying message behind the surface of stories, judgments, opinions, etc…
- strengthening your capacity to hear hard-to-hear messages
- owning your feelings and needs while witnessing with care those of others
- creating a quality and depth of connection in your relationships

Save the date for Part Two!
"Effective Communicating"
Thursday, December 13th
10:00am - 12:00pm
Free, donations welcome

Note: Each class can be taken separately, though they recommend the combination of both to enhance your full communication experience.

About the Facilitators:
Ryan McAllister, PhD, is the co-founder of, an all-volunteer organization that supports the physical and emotional wellbeing of parents, children, and communities. He also co-founded Maitri House, a family-inclusive intentional community in the DC area. Ryan has over 10 years of experience in Nonviolent Communication, mindfulness, and peer-counseling, and is always learning more.

Mali Parke, CPC is a Certified Professional Coach who works with individuals, families and teams who are looking to live life from a fuller, more joyful and empowered presence as well as increase collaboration and partnerships in their relationships. Mali has trained extensively in Nonviolent Communication since 2006 and is a graduate of the Parent Peer Leadership Program and a current participant in the year-long Leadership Program by BayNVC.

Georgetown University - Reynolds Library (see campus map)
Ground floor of the Southwest Quad residential complex in Reynolds Hall.
Note: The space can be accessed by entering any of the three entrances entering into Reynolds side of the complex. Reynolds Library, R-146, is located in the hallway across from the public restrooms and next to the UIS computer room.

Georgetown University
3700 O St, NW
Metro: Dupont Circle, walk over to Mass Ave at 20th, to the right from the metro Q St exit, and wait for the free Georgetown Shuttle bus, GUTS. It runs pretty regularly and there are usually other people waiting even if you don't see a sign. Please allow extra time to walk from the bus to the Reynolds Library once you get to campus. 

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